Feminism In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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There was a rise of feminist critical theory in the 1970’, and this novel has been quite controversial, since it portrayed the eighteenth century English society, and the condition of women at that time. Critics have been constantly debating on Austen being a anti -feminist, as she upheld to social and class structure if the eighteenth century England. On the other hand, some scholars firmly believe that Austen is a true feminist, who subtly chooses her novels to showcase the changes and developments in the world. Moreover, due to deficient, (auto)biographical information provided on Austen, it cannot be stated what position Austen can be categorized into, i.e., feminist or anti- feminist.
Jane Austen has written a handful of novels , and
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Austen extends her critique by highlighting social hypocrisy through ; she often creates an ironic tone through collateral speech in which the feelings and words of the characters mix with the echoes of the narrator. Austen focuses on gender roles, and highlights the lack autonomous movement a women had in nineteenth century England. Austen wrote, Pride and Prejudice, anonymously in the eighteenth century England in order to combat to combat sexism and prejudice. Women were a victim of gender and socio- economic gender considerations . Also, England favored men and provided them with the opportunity to be educated, and women on the other hand, were expected to be docile and subservient. Men wanted their wives to be “angels of the house”. They were required to maintain a respectable position in the society.
Therefore, Pride and Prejudice takes place in a society and in a historical moment that defined women’s roles and their abilities narrowly. The novel is unparalleled at luring the readers into the fantasy world- a world where men like Mr. Darcy of a good fortune round everywhere, in possession of a noble home and a lady- like wife. The setting of the novel does full
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