Feminism In Purple Hibiscus

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Celebrated Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has always been extremely voiced about her stand as a feminist and the need for others to be the same. She hates to be called a feminist rather she asks everyone to be one. Her writings have made her one of the most eminent faces in the literary circle. She is a multi-award winning author and has marked herself as one of Nigeria’s most winning female writers. As a literary movement, feminism in African novels has a long tradition in bringing about change in society, especially on how women are treated. It tries to elucidate unfairness and humiliation of women and focuses its attention on their emancipation and awakening. Adichie portrays her female characters not as the usual depiction of women in African novels as mere sex symbols - inferior beings who should be under the control of men – but rather as an audacious and self reliant woman.
The innovative writers of Africa have a clear mental picture of the ideal society and they have stressed on the need to combine the best in the old cultural traditions with the progressive ideas of the modern world. They have also expressed their bitterness against the corruption in the independent African states and they have protested against the dictatorial forces, which are trying to mishandle the
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The journal seeks to deal with the issue of feminism in the works of Adichie, where the characters become her spokesperson. Experiencing the usual humiliation and sufferings, the characters are actually the persons Addictive came across her life and how they evolved from it and gain their freedom in the true
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