Feminism In Social Media

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Sheryl Sandberg’s Campaign #banbossy tried to empower women through social media photography. Oprah Winfry’s four lines to her women follower, sent out to 21 million followers. “HelloRuby” a project by Linda Lukas, a feminist to raise the awareness and funds to help the women who wishes to go for higher studies but facing financial hurdles. “PinkStinks” was an online company to hit the companies of toy makers, clothes and projecting the women as crazy pink lovers and lovey dovey sides only in their advertisements and publicity material. It was one awareness campaign to challenge the stereotypes. Same was the “Let Toys Be Toys” hitting gender-based marketing on Facebook, Twitter and with the online petition. Toys don’t have a sex, let toys be…show more content…
BY images, quotes, campaigns, discussions, protests, social media became an umbrella to cover most of the feminist issues online. IT will cash only when online activist will stir the real world, it is being noticed, felt frequency is changing. Agencies, organizations are searching a mix of online and offline mediums to cover maximum masses. Gina Trapani, an award winner author, blogger and programmer, said it’s a golden time for women in technology. It is time when an awareness of the need for diversity in our field is at its highest. [44] Conference organizers, editors, journalists are desperate to get knowledgeable. There are many opportunities with digital media. Researches’ proved that women who use social media to connect with family, friends and world around are less stressed then who connect less. The researches at Rutgers University in New Jersey at the Pew Research Centre in Washington, D.C. found that women who uses social media are having less stress than the women who are not using technologies. Amber Gordon, the founder of Femsplain, agrees. "Social media has helped us tell the people who are advertising or creating content what we want to see," she said. Femsplain is a content publisher for anyone female-identified that launched recently. Social media is bringing great opportunities for gender equality and women’s rights. Although it is still half game win situation, as World has surely a platform as big as globe, free and available to all having technology, more and more researched should be done to access and analyze the impact of social media on cyberfeminism. It should be well researched which social media is more effective and why, what efforts should be taken by feminist communities across world to make it more effective, easy to use and more accessible. Socialists,
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