Feminist Movement In The 1960's

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During the 1960’s, America was undergoing changes technologically and socially. During this time period the concept of feminism was brought back. During the early 1900’s, the first-wave of feminism occurred, where protests happened demanding the right for women to vote. This movement was successful, as white women gained the right to vote but nothing else was fixed. Women were still at a lower social standpoint then men at the time and nothing would change until the 1960’s. Where the second wave of feminism occurred. Women were considered second-class citizens up to that time. Three significant points to focus on are, feminist leaders at the time, modern feminists and the women protesting. How have feminist movements of the past affect women’s rights of today? The most important point of view is, the point of view of the feminist leaders since they provided the most influence, then is the women protesting since they are a primary source to what occurred then modern feminists since it does not add much to the topic of the past.

During the Second World War, women worked in places such as factories and markets since men were away fighting.1 This could be considered an event that inspired them that they can do the same thing that men could. During the 1960’s, women’s rights were very
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Prior to the movements, she worked at New York Magazine where she attended an abortion speak out, since she had an abortion herself when she was 22. She said “she felt that she didn't become a feminist until that day.”3 She campaigned eagerly for the Equal Rights Campaign, determined to eradicate gender discrimination laws. This is significant since, her leadership during the movements inspired many young women to follow after he in the feminist
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