Feminism In The Godfather

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The need for feminism arose when they started calling it a man’s world. History has again and again shown instances where women have been treated a certain way which men think is the ideal way to treat them. Whether it be today in the times of extensive internet or back then when there were still pigeons used to send our messages, that certain way has been more than a little partial. Of course it has improved over the years but it is still partial. In the novel the godfather this tendency of men has been reflected beautifully. The author may not have intentionally brought up this issue but the way these mafia men treat their women has definitely been bothersome.
The godfather talks about the journey of a man named Vito Corleone who later rose to become the don of the mafia world. His journey before and after becoming a don is what fills the pages of this novel and how later his third son Michael Corleone who wanted to live a normal American life with his girlfriend Kay Adams, ends up succeeding his father and becoming even more ruthless and unforgiving. This novel is based in the New York city and traces along the war between the 5 mafia families in New York. One thing to notice in this novel is the fact that how not even one of the women in this novel have any greater role than that of a wife, a lover, a mistress, a caretaker or a child bearer. It is solely a man based novel with women being treated as side characters just like in real life men are known to have real
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