Feminism In The Great Gatsby

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Constructing Women: Analyzing The Great Gatsby through the Lens of Gender
Dr.Munejah Khan,Assistant Professor,Department of English Language & Literature,Islamic University of Science& Technology,Awantipora ,Pulwama,Jammu & Kashmir ,India.email: munejah_k@rediffmail.com Abstract
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925) is often referred to as one of the best exemplification of the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties. The wealthy Gatsby is the American dream incarnate and his parties exhibit the enthusiasm of the 1920’s. The Roaring Twenties also propagated the feminine ideal of the “new woman” who could defy the norms of patriarchy. Even with the concept of the “new woman” the inequities did not cease to exist. This paper will analyse how The Great Gatsby is essentially written from a man’s perspective and how it presents women as objects of ornamental importance to men and as inferior beings. Fitzgerald blatant sexism in voiced through Nick the narrator “Dishonesty in a woman is something you never blame deeply…” In the novel patriarchal order categorizes women either as “Madonna” or as “whore” based on their submission to or rebellion against, the rules of patriarchy. This paper will analyse how the representation of women in literature has been one of the most important forms of socialization providing the role models which indicate to women and men, what constitutes acceptable versions of the
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