Feminism In The Law Code Of Hammurabi

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Feminist Nowadays people are saying that women are one part of the society and men are the other, they consider them as an important part of society. However, that case in history was different because it was not the same in every historical account, which represented different societies. In this essay I will compare three historical accounts that talked about women differently, and those accounts are Law Code of Hammurabi, Virgil, and Genghis Khan. While the accounts about Virgil and Genghis Khan talked about women slightly in a positive way, the Law Code of Hammurabi was mostly anti-feminist. The fist source is Hammurabi’s Low Code, who was a Babylonian king. He says in his account that the gods had chosen him to bring rules of righteousness,…show more content…
This book mentions the role of emotion among leaders, and it shows it in a sexual category. Also, it shows the effect of emotion among these leaders, and how it plays an important role in setting the destiny and character of those leaders. Moreover, in an indirect way it shows that how emotion affected Dido, the queen of Carthage, more than Aeneas. At the beginning of the story Dido is mentioned in a positive way. Before the effects of her emotion on her decision, she was a strong, independence, and a justice ruler of her city (Virgil.) She was a leader who refused to marry again after her husband’s death; instead she took the responsibility of her people and tried to enhance their life. However, things started to change after the arrival of Aeneas, she fell in love with him, and his love took over her mind. It was difficult for her to take the right decision, and she forgot her responsibility as a leader. In addition, it is stated that her love was like ‘fire and flame’ something that she could not control unlike Aeneas, who thought that his fate was more important than the women whom he is in love with, so he left her behind and followed his destiny as a leader and have a lot of responsibilities. Nevertheless, she could not handle his abandonment, so she committed suicide by killing herself by Aeneas’s sword. According to Virgil, “she attempted to lift her heavy eyes once again, but her body failed her” (Virgil.) It indicates that women are more emotional, and when they love they cannot take the responsibility as a leader. Consequently, this book talks about both the strength and weakness of

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