Feminism In The Merchant Of Venice

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The feminist perspective gives modern society the best view of The Merchant of Venice it examines the strong female role in society. Even though the males treated the women with the utmost respect and tried to do everything right for them, the role males play in society is overpowered and it would cause feminism to come into play. Jessica and Portia play major roles in the lives of the men. They were supportive, reliable, and they resolved each and every problem because they were the backbone the men don 't have , they were limited to certain choices that they could make on their own. In this time period the women were often portrayed in films and books as vulnerable, weak and submissive and the men were portrayed as strong, brave and independent still to this day it is the same thing. Shakespeare was one author who challenged this image in society. In Merchant of Venice he shows Portia as a submissive lady who had to follow her father’s will. In the end…show more content…
A woman being outspoken and opinionated was rare and unwanted; a woman with a voice was a woman without a husband. Women who had a voice often were heavily influenced by male counterparts and were of higher social class. This perspective seems to go hand in hand with Portia as although she is wealthy and beautiful, she is opinionated in the lottery by her father and uses her own intelligence when saving Antonio. Portia is an intellectual women whom father died when she was young, leaving her in the company with her friend Nerissa. When we see the women together we see their mischievous attitudes not only mock Portia suitors, but also come together to test their husbands. Portia is a representation of this loss as we see that not only is she intellectual, but she is the most highly educated in the courtroom as she solely saves Antonio’s life when Bassanio, Gratiano and even the Duke could not save

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