Feminism In The Secret Life Of Bees

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Feminism in The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd takes place in the summer in Sylvan, South Carolina. The story of Lily Owens begins in 1964, after the signing of the Civil Rights Act which terminated segregation and banned discrimination when it comes to employment based on a person’s race, religion, color, or sex. Lily Owens is a white, 14-year-old girl growing up in a home with an absent mother and a single father. Her mother died from an accidental death involving a gun shot when she was only 4-years-old which proved to be Lily’s fault. Because of the abstinence of her mother, Lily lacks the knowledge of how to be a lady in her society. In the 60s, women were expected to be married at a young age, usually giving up their life in order to stay at home and have babies. If they did had jobs, they were very low paying. Also, they were expected to do common house chores inside such as cooking and cleaning, look attractive and listen to their husbands because they were the caretakers. The men, however, were expected to work, provide for their family, and do outside jobs such as mowing the lawn or washing cars. Lily, being a resemblance regarding personality and characteristics to her mother, agrees with these thoughts because of the teachings of her father. In Sue Monk Kidd’s novel, The Secret Life of Bees, there are many factors that
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She represents a very a woman who carries great spirit and courage, which sometimes can put her in a bad situation. She worked on a field which is where T. Ray meets her and takes her to look after his Lily. Rosaleen is the only known motherly figure to Lily ever since the death of her mother. She influences her characteristics onto Lily. She cared for her and loved her with all her heart; hurting Lily is the last thing on her mind.
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