Feminism In The Tempest

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In Shakespeare 's dramas, as long as the topics related to love and marriage, especially comedy, to reflect humanism, it is bound to create some images of heroes and heroines who are not afraid of secular obstacles, so that the feminist ideology will inevitably penetrate. Although feminist literature has not been really developed in this period, the earliest origin has a deep influence on the development of later feminist literature. At the beginning of the Renaissance, any ideological emancipation movement or revolutionary movement, women 's problems were paid attention to. The enlightenment and the French Revolution called for the awakening of women 's awareness of equality and had an immense influence on it. Then, feminist literature…show more content…
The relationship between Prospero and Miranda 's father and daughter is the key to our attempt to explore. Shakespeare 's drama often has the phenomenon of "mother 's absence", and the relationship between the father and daughter reflects the idea of the patriarchal center and the female submission. However, "the Tempest" in Miranda, although the innocence is clever, but not ignorance, dull, and never blindly, sometimes even let the father feels embarrassed. Prospero, Shi magic, going to put their life history carefully to the daughter, the daughter are not common. Also, from time to time to disrupt the narrative clue, thrown a storyteller be caught off guard problem. For example, Prospero talked about how to make their own treachery brother reigned when asked Miranda "you say such a person is not a brother, clever daughter evasive, saying" I don 't think grandma is a noble person, it is a sin ", unexpectedly tactfully refused to participate in the father uncle and the men of political struggle; when he was finished on the Perot Papadopoulos plug broken ship in the sea drift, to change the subject, Miranda suddenly asked," why didn 't they kill us?" The embarrassing father did not return to God for a moment, and had to admit "good question" first, and then search for some reasons to cope with the past. In terms of the content of the whole female literature, it is the inequality between the sexes, the dissatisfaction and fetters of marriage and family, the restriction of traditional concepts and moral ethics. It is obvious that the description or revelation of these aspects can most reflect the essential connotation of "female consciousness". However, in a specific work, no matter the form of a work, a drama, a novel or another, it is difficult to deviate from the theme pattern of love or love. This is a very thought-provoking question for us, that is, women have always known themselves or mainly from the connection of sexual relations, and they have
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