Feminism In Women's Literature

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Human beings are like the boon on the Earth and they are armed with an invincible power of intellectuality to protect their own life as well as the planet where they live. Each human being should understand the value of his/her life. They are supposed to take certain corrective actions with some intervals to generate adequate comfort level for all living creatures. The situation becomes paradoxical when the opposite of it turns up where a human being is neither able to protect his own life nor others. Since the beginning of the life on Earth, it has been normally seen that anarchic forces emerge sometimes and they become brutal destroyers of innocent lives. Anarchy or dictatorship comes with political and economic power. Those who manage to…show more content…
FEMINISM IN CANADA: Defining feminism exactly can be a challenging task but a broad understanding of it encircles the speaking, writing and thus advocating on behalf of women and by identifying injustice to females in the social status. Thus a new aspect has been explored these days in the 21st century which shows the feminism and its politics in detail with great intensity. Margaret Atwood’s novels examine these issues with the portrayal of her subjugated female characters in her novels. George Eliot also depicted women's misery and oppression in her renowned autobiographical novel Ruth Hall (1854).Moreover, an American journalist Fanny Fern revealed in public by writing her own struggle to support her children as a newspaper journalist after her husband's premature death. Louisa May Alcott, a staunch feminist, penned a strong feminist novel A Long Fatal Love Chase (1866) which deals with a young woman's attempts to run away from her bigamist husband and become independent. Women writers in the literary movement of the 19th century and early 20th century, was the first wave of feminism. Feminism in Canada in the 1960s and 1970s was part of an international movement now referred to as the second phase of the wave of feminism. The first feminist movement reached its peak in the second decade of the 20th century when many countries including Canada, supported the cause of women Since 1960s, these female groups began Women's Liberation Movement. They advocated many empowering revolutionary changes in the personal & social life of women. The afflictions of women emphatically included the right to abortion by Abortion Caravan in 1970 apart from other demands for liberalization of society for women. Feminist activism in Canada had achieved radical transformation in women's lives in the male specified social milieu. The success of feminism in Canada had been a gradual struggle for establishing equal rights between women and

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