What Is The Role Of Women In The 1920s

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Feminism: the advocacy of women 's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. “The 19th Amendment was passed in 1920, granting women the right to vote. It seemed to many, at the time, that the women 's rights movement was over. Having obtained the right to vote, women now had equal rights. Except that was far from the case. Women, and especially women of color, were still discriminated against in every portion of society. The 1930s are an especially interesting period because, although discrimination still existed, the Great Depression took the spotlight. Living through that period while facing discrimination was especially tough for mostly all women” (Beach). Overall, southern women impacted society through their place in the home,…show more content…
Women were getting more fair opportunities in the job world, but this happened very slowly because women still were discouraged from jobs. “Women were still actively discouraged from seeking higher education in many places and were not allowed in some schools. When they could go to school it was rarely for professional degrees.” (Beach). Women did not have any rights to education similarly like they didn’t have any with jobs. “An important corrective to a male-centered vision of the Great Depression is to note that while men 's employment rates declined during the period, women 's employment rates actually rose. In 1930, approximately 10.5 million women worked outside the home.” (Bohem). Women’s rates actually rose because of various women that supported women 's job rights. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the many women that impacted society greatly. Before Eleanor married Franklin, she supported women 's rights. Nothing about Franklin’s presidency changed her views. Although, she did use his presidency to get her voice out. Eleanor spoke out about the need for equal women 's pay even after Franklin’s death. “There were no protections at the time for women in the workplace, meaning they could be fired simply for being a woman without unemployment or severance. Working women also had no guarantee of equal wages or treatment (Beach).” Men and society did not protect women during this time. There was a lot of great women…show more content…
Women spent most of their time doing household work or working in the service industry. Women did not get the same job opportunities as men, however; there were a few women that spoke out against and help to aid women of all types. In the end, women 's right have improved quite a bit compared to almost 80 years ago. Yes, everybody still has a different view on women, but we owe it all to the brave ones that spoke out against society to protect others

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