Is Feminism Still Relevant Today

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Feminism considered being a topic in today’s society that is still very controversial. Mainly my generation, those in their “40’s”, remember feminism as women burning their bras, demanding the right to vote, this is how it was referenced back when I was in my teens. Also, there are the misconceptions that feminists do not want to have their car door open, their bills paid, doors held open just pretty much feminism in our generation is considered to be against gallantry. Those misconceptions are the ones that are still creating a barrier against feminism, because many still considered feminism a concept that goes against American Culture. The truth is that Feminism is pro women having the same rights as men everywhere and in everything. The focus of those rights have evolved as years pass, it has gone from the right to vote just as men do, to be economically equal in society as well as being sexually independent. Evolution has come slowly…show more content…
Why would a woman as capable as a man to run a company will earn less than they do and this is just in corporate America. We even see this with actors and actresses where the female counterparts to the men earn much more less than they do of course we see improvements but there is still so much more to go. Of course this is one of the main focuses in America’s society, but worldwide there are many other factors to be focused on. Let us address women’s equality around the world where women are not allowed to vote, get an education or state their wishes or demand rights. Because women are viewed as less than men, many cultures do very little to protect their women against sexual crimes and or get justice for them. The feminist movement is pushing and calling for men to join them in an effort to stop violence against women, stop human trafficking and enslavement. Feminism does not only focus on equality at work but in human rights
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