The Importance Of Eco-Feminism

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In recent years the mention of feminism can create a very negative reaction, and has caused many heated debates over the subject. Eco-Feminism looks at the connection between environmental degradation and climate change, and how that impacts our global communities and the people in them. Eco-Feminism is examining our environmental issues through the philosophy of feminism. The connection between gender, class, race and the environment in which people live is obvious, as climate change degradates the global environment we all share. The relationship between climate change and the negative impacts it has on women, low income communities of color becomes more apparent.
It is not uncommon to see women of low income who work as nail technicians,
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Eco-Feminism hopes to answer the question of, how we can change the systematic issues that not only negatively impact women, but all people and our environment. Devi K Lockwood, a female poet activist and writer would agree with Alcid’s statements about Eco-Feminism. Lockwood in her article “We Can’t Talk Climate Change Without Talking Environmental Racism” Lockwood writes “ The America we live in is one where the white and wealthy are healthy, while low-income communities of color are poisoned by the powerful, in the name of making a profit.” Environmental racism is a form of structural racism that purposefully continues to harm communities of color. The infrastructure of the U.S, allows corporations to build in low income areas, and developing countries. Environmental Racism is the result of governments allowing corporations to put profit as a priority above the health of the people it affecting. Factories that create hazardous bi-products, pollute the air, water and soil of the environment there placed in. The end result becomes, people of low income those of color being exposed to more than their fair share of toxic

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