Feminism Vs Feminism

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Since the 1300’s women rode sidesaddles just because society considered it unladylike to ride astride a horse and categorized them to be unruly, unfeminine and overly sexual while ignoring that it restricted women’s movement. It also did not allow women to be in control of their horse reinforcing the societal belief system that women need to be controlled, protected and restricted. The ideal femininity in the western society has been split between the ‘woman as sexual’ as the prostitute and the ‘woman as nurturing’ as the mother, instead of seeing both these traits a possible aspect of the same woman. This ‘fantasmatic’ or orgasmically fantastic dueling myths of femininity hugely impact the social expectations of women. These contradictions, of ‘if women are sexual’, men desire her and ‘if women are nurturing mothers’ then they have control over the domestic environment, gave birth to feminism.

Feminism is the confrontation with the contradictions that surround women in the patriarchal society. Social progress has obviated the need for feminism in the contemporary world as women receive contradictory messages when on one hand they are told to be powerful and independent and on the other hand unrealistically beautiful. The concept of ideology began during the French Revolution in the late 1700’s. French Philosopher Antoine Louis Destutt theorized that ideas arose from our bodily senses and today the same word ‘ideology’ refers to a system of beliefs.

Since the 1840’s,
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