Feminism Vs Liberal Feminism

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All the feminists’ are sharing the basic assumption that women suffer certain injustices on account of their sex. Feminists emphasized on the importance of gender divisions in society and it overall advantage of men. Although feminists are connected with their common desire for sexual justice and their concern for women’s welfare, there is a variety spectrum of feminist views.

Liberal feminism was described as a theory and their primary goal is to seek gender equality in the public sphere. The liberal feminists was in the view that both men and women are same and the distinction needs to be removed so as to focus more on issues like equality in the workplace, education, and political rights. Thus, individuals should be treated in accordance with their abilities and effort as opposed to characteristics of their sex.

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1799), one of the earliest liberal feminists supposed to mark the beginning of the liberal feminist movement. She believes that women have the same mental capacity as their male counterparts and should be given the same opportunities in all areas. She stress on providing education to women just like men so that they turn out to be a ethical and self-dependent human beings. John Stuart Mill and Harried Taylor later in 19th century wrote about the evolving need of women’s involvement in the society. Later followed by the formation of the Groups like the National Women 's Political Caucus, National Organization for Women, etc.
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