Feminism Vs Third Wave Feminism

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With the ushering in of Postmodernism, America 's consciousness over sociocultural issues has become deeply divided between the traditional ideals of the past, and the mindset of the future. In a sense, this limbo has caused tension for the adoption of postmodern ideals—to some, the air of Modernism still lingers like the odor from putrid trash. Consequently, the principles of Modernism 's First and Second Wave Feminism have more or less been altered to the point of being unrecognizable in what is being called today as Third Wave Feminism or Postfeminism. The interaction between the movements is often likened to being like a relay race where each generation passes on the baton to the next. However, this is not an accurate depiction of what…show more content…
Contrary to these findings, there is still low gender equality in America 's businesses and workplaces. One of the major driving forces behind Second Wave feminism was the fight make careers an option for women. In spite of this, Postfeminism tends to focus on women 's reproductive rights, rather than maintaining the creed of their ancestors. Amy Richards, co-founder of the Third Wave Foundation, stated, “To me, the ultimate goal of feminism was not to have women and men switching...roles, but not to have them based on economics in the first place.” (Glazer) Because society has constructed the stereotypical gender role that men should be the 'breadwinners ' of families, feminism has struggled in their battle. Additionally, the use of past tense indicates that Third Wave, or Postfeminism, has abandoned these economic goals of Second Wave feminism. However, it should be noted that the lack of attention Postfeminists have given to the issue of the gender pay gap does not diminish the matter —in fact, it is one of the problems feminism as a whole has failed…show more content…
As proven by data from numerous sources spanning over the course of ten years, Postfeminism is achieving little, avoiding the imperative, and in some instances, even working against itself by increasing the marginalization of gender equality while belittling its importance. Similarly, the portrayal of women as the victims of oppression by a male dominated society has done much harm. Although unintentional, creating a victim creates a villain as well. In the case of feminism it happens to be the male, yet, this by no means makes the ideals feminism stands for wrong. It only shows that it is time for a fresh perspective: one that gender egalitarianism can offer. Additionally, the social revolution for gender equality does not need to be one

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