Feminist Approach And Feminist Theory

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NAME : NONTUTHUKO SURNAME : MADINANE STUDENT NUMBER : 215362985 MODULE : GROUP DYNAMICS (SS 202) LECTURES NAME : MAGOQWANA BABALWA DUE DATE : 22 MAY 2017 TOPIC CHOSEN : USE A FEMINIST APPROACH TO SHOW HOW ORGANISATIONS MAINTAIN HIERATCHY AND INEQUALITIES TODAY. How does organisations maintains hierarchy and inequalities using feminist approach in nowadays. Feminist approach discovers equally inequalities in gender relations and the structure of gender. Feminist theories first initiated as a challenge to explain women’s dominance worldwide, following a glorious theoretic approach. Feminist approach settled from the social program feminism, inventing from conflict viewpoints by aiming on the stratification and inequalities in society. It inspects women social roles and practice in a variety of field, like education and family, and the workforce. Feminist theory focuses elsewhere the more common male-based perspective to focus on the gender inequalities in society. Specifically towards women there is discrimination which is the unfair treatment of a group of people because they belongs to that group. Stereotyping, where all women are observed under the identical overgeneralised image. There are different types of feminist theory, one focusing on the socially constructed gender differences that are created though the process of socialization. Each community creates the belief which includes how women should behave and expectations towards women
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