Feminist Argumentative Analysis

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During the video I found myself amazed on how she pointed out not only the feminist point of view, but covered that there are problems on both sides of the argument. Emma watson spoke at the United Nations about feminism and gender equality. During her speach he covered a varity of topics and shared her own experiances. The main point that caught my eye is how she stated that women arent the only ones affected by gender steryotypes. Men are also targeted when it comes to gender equality as men are subject to higher rates of suicide for struggling with the image that society wants them to portray. If there wasnt something that both sides needed in order to be viewed as "perfect", this wouldnt need to be a problem. It is not until we are able to work together in order to come to a compromise to solve the problems. Emma wanted to change the perception of the word "Feminism", as she and many others feel it has turned into something that it shouldnt be. But instead we as people should come together to solve these issues.…show more content…
We see they are educated and powerful, they are smart and are manipulative towards others. This is something that is not found in text of this time period. But early on we see that the main character the knight had raped a young woman and didnt recieve any reprocussions because of his postion as a knight. In Beowulf we see that women have the same role and are not viewed as the men were. Women were often overlooked and did not show much other than being there for the men (excpet for Grendels Mother she was a monster). The main point in the video was that men and women should work together in order to gain gender equality. But in the text we have been studying, we see that it is a different standpoint and that we have progressed from what it once
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