Feminist Argumentative Essay

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The repercussions of World War I, such as oppression of the female gender, conflicting ideas between science and religion, and the fear of communism resulted to the discord between American citizens as well as causing diverse perspectives on different issues to rise. The transition to the 1920’s marked the public’s differing views on what a “feminist” should be like, whether scientific theories such as evolution are acceptable, and if innocent civilians deserve to be mistreated due to their belief that the American government should be managed in a different style.

Women’s suffrage is a highly well-known and often mentioned topic when discussing about the 20th century. The 19th amendment which was ratified on August 18, 1920, granted American women the right to vote. This action performed
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As time passed, a bold type of women emerged, and they’re called “flappers”. Flappers enjoyed the nightlife and engaged in stereotypical male behavior. Basically, their mindset was “if it’s okay for men then it’s okay for women as well”. They were the type of women who were exceedingly free-spirited, rebellious and they didn’t bother following the social conventions. In Document H, it’s evident that in 1920 the marriage rate began to decline and the divorce rate was stealthily rising. The context of Document H is that the passing of the19th amendment made it possible for women to contribute immensely to the society and through their diligence and perseverance people were able to see that woman are valuable beings, and they’re capable of doing anything men can do. Women also began to consider themselves as equal to men, and they came to the realization that they can do so much more with their
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