Feminist Criticism

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Article Review: Feminists Critiques of International Law and Their Critics

Before the start of the Post-Positivist era, the majority of the scholars of International Relations and International Law has always considered that their subject of study and the theories incorporated in it to be unbiased and virtuous in nature, thus believing that those scientific methods they have done and the concepts that they have created were mostly accepted by the global society. Feminists theorist challenged this assumption with their explanation on how International Law and to a broader extent International Politics, have always been somewhat biased towards men, as their ideals and interests are mostly represented in it, while the women’s are not. This particular
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The three feminist activists’ article raised a rather controversial post-positivist approach to International Law, criticizing International Law with the aforementioned argument of lack of women’s representation on political spectrums and a few additional arguments. While there are indeed many supporters of the thought-provoking article and the authors, it also provoked a sum amount of scholars which criticize their work, especially in the scientific “objectivity” of the research. One such critique is the Argentine-American legal academic Fernando R. Teson. Teson’s article “Feminism and International Law: A Reply”, criticizes some of the arguments made by the three authors of the formerly mentioned article. His academic critique of the feminist approach to international law was later also refuted by Charlesworth in the article which the writer will review in but a moment: Feminists Critiques of International…show more content…
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