Feminist Criticism In Shakespeare's Othello

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Anahi Banuelos
Ms. Gongora - 1
English 12
03 March 2018 Othello Essay
Throughout the story of Othello by Shakespeare, many critical lenses can be seen and applied.Feminist criticism is one that stands out the most. There were various male characters in the play, who show prejudicial, discriminatory attitudes toward women.There are only three women in Othello, Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca. The way that these three women are shown and represented is certainly linked to the ideological expectations of Shakespeare’s society and to the patriarchal society that he creates.Women All through the play are displayed as possessions,submissive and temptresses.
An example of women being shown as possessions, is when the Duke hears out Othello and Brabantio, and finally decides to grant permission for Desdemona to go with Othello to Cyprus. Not ”To his conveyance I assign my wife Desdemona, as Othello’s wife, is treated as his possession” (Scene3 Page11). Here he implies that she is a commodity to be looked after and a company to use when needed. This example supports the expectation of women and how they are to bow to the wills of their husbands who may use them as they wish and to there advantage.
Also, in one of the opening scenes where Roderigo shares with Brabantio that his daughter snuck out and calls Desdemona 's action a revolt against paternal authority.Which then Brabantio responds with, “ O heaven! How got she out? O treason of the blood! Fathers, from hence trust not

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