Feminist Criticism In The Chaser

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In every relationship there is always an unequal relationship with the significant other. In the short story The Chaser by John Collier, Alan Austen who’s the main character in the short story goes to an old man to buy a love potion so this girl named Diana would fall in love with him. The basic principle states that men and women have a relationship that is unequal or oppressive. In the short story “The Chaser”, it shows feminist criticism by feeling unconfident, buying a love potion, and Diana’s treatment of Mr. Austen. My first main point of the story that touched on feminism was when Mr. Austen feeling unconfident. Therefore, Mr. Austen went to see an old man that he had never met before to buy a love potion. While Mr. Austen was with the old man they was having a conversation. In this conversation it says that “Diana is his everything but …show more content…

Austen. In the story Mr. Austen had felt that Diana did not care about him at all. He states, “she is already his everything but only she doesn’t care about it” (Par 35). He didn't feel loved from Diana. Also he felt unwanted by Diana. Since Diana treats Mr. Austen like this she must not feel the same way about him. The short story “The Chaser” is an example of how men get treated badly and unequally because they do so much for the women but the women doesn’t seem to care on what they do.
In conclusion, the story the chaser shows feminist criticism because Mr. Austen felt like he needs to get a love potion for Diana. In this case, Diana has the full control in the relationship. Thus, she showed no emotions for Mr. Austen. Not all men has the control in the relationship. This is important because the short story shows matriarchy. Also throughout the short story Mr.Austen feels marginalized overall from Diana due to what she’s doing to Mr.Austen. When reading the short story it gives reasons why the guy has the control yet in actuality he

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