Feminist Criticism In Wedding Dance

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Our country has a lot of tradition in different cultures which practices different tradition and beliefs that came from in our ancestors. The story Wedding Dance shows tradition and beliefs of the Ifugao’s tribe. Also, the story showed the way of life and culture of the Ifugao. One of their traditions is that a man should have a child but if after the seven harvests and there is no child they will separate and find another woman that can give him a child. This paper aims to criticize through the use of Feminist Criticism on how the culture determines the gender, gender issues, and how women are socially and politically oppressed by patriarchy. Awiyao and Lumnay were husband and wife for seven years, but now the husband has to marry another woman named Madulimay. Awiyao have to marry Madulimay because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. Additionally, their tradition in there tribe is that a man must have a child. Awiyao went to Lumnay because he did not find her among the dancers in his wedding. He wanted to dance with her at his wedding for the last time but she did not go to the wedding. While they talking there are many flashbacks about how Lumnay push herself to have a child through offering to the god. They know to their self that they still love each other but because of the tradition of their tribe they have to separate. However, Awiyao promised to Lumnay that if he fails to have a child with Madulimay, he will come back to her. Lumnay found courage to

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