Feminist Criticism Of International Law

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Feminist Critiques of International Law and Their Critics

Feminist Critism of International Law
Feminist analysis of international law investigates the structure and the substance of the international legal system to perceive how women are incorporated into it. Feminist analysis of international law has two main parts, which is Deconstructive and Reconstructive. Deconstructive means challenging their claim to objectivity and rationality as the result of the limited base on which they are built. All instruments and categories of international legal analysis become problematic when we understand the avoidance of women from their construction. In this analysis, the state has its own particular complex set of power relations and issues that also include gender. For instance, the idea of statehood that is urgent in international law is no more drawn out unquestioningly acknowledged as a neutral institution that could be accommodate women 's interests. Besides, it is a more difficult that Reconstruction of a truly human system of international law. In feminist analysis, Deconstruction and reconstruction are difficult to be separated.
In its present indications, the state is a problematic solution that should be substantially more completely examined from an international feminist perspective. As a feminist analysis, Elizabeth Grosz (2010) reaction to “the overwhelming masculinity of privileged and historically dominance knowledges, acting as a kind of counterweight to

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