Cultural Relativist And Feminist Analysis

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The journal of Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critiques of International Human Rights - Friends or Foes by Oonagh Reitman is discussing about the critiques of cultural relativist and feminist towards the International Human Rights. In 1989, Donnelly states that International Human Rights is universal, that human rights owned by the human with substantial, form and interpretation that will not bend to variety of culture. But the statements that are different to the cultural relativist opinion that stated the source of human rights is a culture, and as a culturally diverse, and non-universal. While the feminist critique to International Human rights that in fact, the one who holds the human rights are only men, not women, also
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The feminist and cultural relativist have the same critique but different goal. Feminists do not refute the theory that the international human rights is universal, but feminism critique about the practice of international human right, while Cultural relativist critique both the theory and practical of International Human Rights. Feminists argue that the universality that been said in the International Human Rights have not been realized in daily life practices, Feminism assumed that the right only owned and protect the men. Feminism felt like women are not the part of “human” category that stated in the Human Rights. Feminism believes that if the international human rights are truly universal, then the rights is not only for men but also for women which means there must be the right guarantee for women and the rule for their protection. While the cultural relativism, claimed and assumed that International human rights must be accompanied by cultural; adapted to the ideology, tradition or belief in that area, which are the dominant people or religion. Therefore the Cultural Relativist sees the International Human Rights as the modern form of imperialism from…show more content…
In the journal, the writer explain that feminism is critique international human rights and fight for women rights while the cultural relativism critique the International Human Rights and fight for the culture. I do agree that in practice International Human rights is not universal especially for women since there is a lot of discrimination towards women. But I am not fully agreed with the writer, that state feminism can cooperate with cultural relativism. If the feminism could cooperate together since there are several things that could not be combine such as human right and culture. For example is the Female Genital Mutilation that known as the culture in some region but it was violating the women rights. I think the journal writer needs to put some cases to support and prove his arguments in the

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