Feminist Critique Of International Law

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Before going to much deeper into this paper, about responses to feminist critiques if International Law. First we have to know about the definition of Feminism and International Law. Second, the correlation between feminist and International Law, which the critiques. And the last what is the responses to it, means the respon that given by person who made this essay.
Definition of feminism is the belief that women should be have the same rights as man in power and oppotunities and have to be treated the same way as man also, or an activities with intention of this state . And for definition of feminist critism is a critism encourage people in all generation for equal rights for
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In colonial era, women are seen as a person who are just serve the man, doing all the house work so they tend to people who do not know about the outside world. Sometimes women in Indonesia at colonial era they do not get the same rights as men. Women in Indoenesia do not get proper education as men. So Women in Indonesia do not educate properly all they know is to rise a child, made food and do all the house work. Some feminist is critics this case because they want to get the same rights as men, because women and men are the same what differentiated them is their gender. All women can do what men can do because basically women is more multitasking than men with experience in dome house work is much more hard then just…show more content…
Deconstructive means that the value of internal and external in international legal system is challenging by their own objectives and rationale because the limitation of the base. Which means that the values of international legal system is being challange by its own objective and rational. Second reconstructive, is about the fundamental of international legal system is made by human. Therefore deconstructive and recostructive is can not be seperated, because what made international legal system is human and they want to be improve day by day, want to construck some regulation and made
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