Feminist Definition Essay

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The quote stated that the true definition of feminism. I made me ask many questions about how words are being redefined. Many words that we use in our language are redefined, and we give new meanings to old words. How does this affect the understanding we have of what it is a feminism? If this is a dictionary definition of feminism, how is the way we define it better, or worse? Since the word “feminism” is from the term feminine, or female does this make it an exclusive group? To add more support would it be better for us to use the word humanist, or equalist, as it is a movement to end sexism, and oppression? Response: Feminist is a sociological tie in, because the concept is to better our society and equality. Extremist take this idea of feminism and put it out on social media where a vast major our generation will find information, news, and general…show more content…
Internet sites are often created by feminist extremist that are education the public in ways that they want to hear, not what is true. Real feminists don’t hate men; they want to be equal. The renaming of feminism would not be help the movement as it is about women and equality, because a women are the group not all humans. The word feminist defines the movement, and is about being equal, but for women to be equal to men. This is very similar to blacks, and whites. Some people don’t like each other, but the idea is for both races to be equal. “Contrary to the common stereotype, feminists in the present study reported lower levels of hostility toward men than did nonfeminists (Anderson, Kanner, Elsayegh, 216).” This reinforces the fact that feminists are in it for everyone, not just themselves. The reading pointed out this study and proved the fact that feminist aren’t man-haters. Men are the intended goal of what women want to be equal to, not about women hating
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