Feminist Environmentalism Literature Review

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Middle-Exam Assignment Journal Review: The Correlation between Feminist Environmentalism and Climate Change in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Ronald Indrawan I.W 016201300132 IR DEFENSE 1 Introduction The year of 1990s have been popularly known as the era of the environment as it has marked an important summit that has gathered prominent countries of the world to address multiple issues such as global warming, biodiversity, acid rain, deforestation as well as desertification, pollution, preservation of wilderness, species endangerment, one last important issue which is energy consumption. These issues addressed in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992 are environmental concerns that have given full international attention. The…show more content…
Even though to some people, they don’t completely believe about the term of climate change, the effect it’s caused is real and impacting the. In addition to prove that climate change is real, the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has proved several evidences to show that climate change is real and happening. Niger Delta is one common place that suffers from environmental insecurity induced by climate change. If we try to define the environmental security, it is an ability of a nation or a society to survive environmental asset scarcity, environment-related threats or conflicts. In relation with gender issue, women in vulnerable areas in developing countries have high responsibility on energy for cooking and heating, water for household supply thus women become very vulnerable to climate change causing drought, seasonably rainfall and deforestation. Niger Delta environment recently has been changed and keeps changing rapidly. Oil and gas activities have inclined and afraid to have damaged the people and the environment. And yes, the activities have damaged the environment seen from the biodiversity loss, pollution, and deforestation. Feminist Environmentalism VS. Climate Change Scholar argued that an adequte feminist environmental policy has been lacked in the Niger Delta where Niger Delta women are lived in environmental insecurity with a number of environmental concerns are to be found.…show more content…
As that happening in Niger Delta region, it is shown that poor policy discourse creates even more environmental challenges to the region and intensifies their women’s vulnerability to climate change and environmental insecurity. Not only poor policy discourse, poverty also the reason overconsumption exists. It is certainly not possible to achieve environmental sustainability while poverty and inequities left unsolved. Gender Plan of Action can be expanded and changed to be more focussed on the issues of feminist environmentalism. Comprehensive strategies are also needed for climate change mitigation. An awareness of feminist environmental should also be established both at the sub global and global levels. Government should also provide the needs of people who live in rural and poor areas especially that in Niger Delta region. The reason why gender issue exists is because poverty and added with environmental insecurity therefore solving poverty issue is very essential. References Amadi, L. A., Ogbanga, M. M., & Agena, J. E. (2015). Climate Change and Feminist Environmentalism in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. African Journal of Political Science and International Relations , 361 - 371. B, A. (1992). The Gender and Environmental Debate: Lessons from India. Feminist Stud , 119-158. C, E., & O, E. (2014). .Oil activities, unsustainable environment and the combative reactionism of women in the Niger Delta.

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