Feminist Issues In Advertising

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Advertisements are the lifeline of television all over the world especially in the case of India. The transition from the very first advertisement to the present century has been enormous. In the beginning the main purpose of an advertisement was the selling of a product by providing information about it to the audience or consumers. However the purpose of an ad now is not only to inform. It has a host of other important utilities. Today advertisements are a story by themselves. It has a sort of revolutionary touch that goes beyond the mere “sale”. They, are highly impactful and modified to suit the choices of the specific target audience, influencing the mind-set of men and women in different ways and establish an image within society, specifying the ‘ideal’ or the ‘desired’ characteristics.…show more content…
Though certain advertisements have attempted to locate the concerns of feminist issues, being quite radical, however they have often failed to achieve triumph over the actual intentions they try to portray, receiving a lot of criticism. This paper focuses on what the media claims to propagate as feminist issues and what in actuality they are portraying. It also attempts to understand how these particular advertisements are reinforcing stereotypical views. For the purpose of understanding, two advertisements in particular have been selected; “My Choice” by the Vogue Empower initiative and the “Remarriage” ad by Tanishq Jewels. Although being different, they are similar in that they portray women’s issues but in a skewed and biased
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