Feminist Movement Vs Civil Rights Movement

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Adding on to other limitations, women almost had no freedom in their marriage. Before the women’s rights movement, when a woman is married the “husband and wife are one person” but “that person is the husband” (Doc 7). Once a woman is married, her rights and property were governed by the husband. Married women could not make wills or dispose of any property without their husband’s consent to do so. This showed that they were invisible even in their marriage, The women’s movement promoted the support which eventually resulted in the Married Women’s Property Act. The act states what a married woman can’t and can do in a marriage (Doc 6). Something they must do is to take their husband’s name after marriage. Lucy Stone was an abolitionist and…show more content…
The Civil Rights movement and the feminist movement had a lot of similarities in their purposes and accomplishments. For instance, the Civil Rights movement was a movement to end racial segregation and discrimination against blacks. It was also a movement to secure legal recognition and protection of the citizenship rights stated in the Constitution and federal law. This movement was led primarily by African Americans for outlawing racial discrimination and segregation while the feminist movement was led primarily by women to end the discrimination against females. Both movements were almost identical because their purposes were to end segregation and discrimination. The purpose of the Civil Rights movement was to end segregation between black and white whereas the purpose of the feminist movement was to end segregation between…show more content…
The 19th amendment guaranteed voting rights to all American citizens. This amendment prohibits any American citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of gender. It is one of the biggest accomplishments from the women’s rights movement in the United States. The women’s rights movement had been a long and difficult road to gain equality. The women of this movement were fighting for something they believed they deserve. Because of the Seneca Falls Convention and the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution, women were able to express their own opinions. The women’s rights movement led to many different events, impacted other countries, and created a new amendment. The feminist efforts in the mid 1800s were successful enough to allow women to take on occupations and educations they weren’t able to obtain
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