Feminist Planning Essay

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Key developments in feminism planning: past, present, future
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Feminism planning may be defined as an urban planning concept which is concerned with the needs of females. That means those planning regard females as the design theme and the implementation of these planning strategies mainly serve for females. While it allows us to recognize that women and men have different needs in society (Moser, 1993), women’s rights in urban planning have been ignored for a long time. Fortunately, over the past few decades, ‘an awareness of women’s issues and gendered nature of social relationships has entered the field of planning’ (Snyder, 1995: 97). As an important addition to urban planning, the study of feminism
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Commonly, it has been assumed that women’s right to work in old times was being abused for a long time. As a core role of householder, women had less as well as lack opportunity to engage in paid work (Speak, 2012). Things had changed when more women participated in social movements and had work experiences. In short, the historical development of feminism planning can be divided into different stages by the changes of gender division of…show more content…
More or less, planning is a complex subject that have variety connection with variety of subjects such as politics, economy, sociology, humanities, just everything around us could have a connection with it. As a women myself, this essay attempted to gain an understanding of the value of feminist approach that affected and be affected by urban planning and strategies design. The findings showed that through the past several decades, the changes of gender division of labor resulted in the new thinking of women’s role in the society, thus led to the rethinking of planning policies and practices within feminist perspective. While most progress were achieved by the first world countries, more attention should be paid on other
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