Feminist Theory Of Domestic Violence

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Universally, domestic violence is referred to abusive behavior that is used by the intimate partner to control or power over the other intimate power. This can be in the forms of psychological, sexual, economic or emotional threats or actions that will influence your partner (Kindschi,2013).Domestic violence studies provides that psychopathology, which happens when in violent environment in child development can make the argument of domestic violence progress of being a generational legacy (Kindschi,2013).I chose to write about the Feminist Theory to explain why people commit domestic violence. It believes that the root causes of domestic violence is the outcome of living in a society that condones aggressive behavior by men, while women…show more content…
To better understand the cause of intimate violence will help to come up will help come up with a better solution on solving this problem. There are various theories that have come up to explain the main causes of domestic violence, some include; learned helplessness theory, Intergenerational Transmission Theory, Social–Psychological Model and the feminist theory. All of these theories have tried to illustrate the causes of domestic violence. In this paper, I will target my writing on the feminist theory where it emphasizes power and gender inequalities in relationships. The theory focuses on how societal messages that makes it alright for a male to use aggression and violence, and the gender roles that dictate how women and men should act in their relationships…show more content…
This theory chiefly focuses on that men are aggressive and use force throughout their lives. Which came from a patriarchy social system we had in place which held men in power in every aspect of life, from women and children, political power, control of property to the moral authority. Also, some patriarchy religious ideology love to take certain biblical verses and misused them ,and take them out of context. This promotes a model of power and control of the women and children in certain relationships , which manifest into domestic abuse (Pence & Paymar, 1993).
The feminist theory obviously tries to find out the main principle of domestic abuse, and in doing so they see the root causes of domestic violence as the consequence of the outcome of us living in a society that aggressive behaviors are perpetrated by men, while the belief that women are socializing to be non-violent(Pence & Paymar, 1993). Proponents of the feminist theory do acknowledge that women can be violent in relationships with men; however they do not see that it can also be an issue of women abusing men in domestic violence cases, so it does not warrant the same amount of
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