Feminist Theory: Theories Of Gender Inequalities

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According to (Robbins etal, 2012)Feminist theory can be defined as a mode of analysis involving specific ways of thinking aimed at abolishing oppression of women in societies . It is the idea that men and women should be equal in society that is socially politically and economically. Feminism can also be seen as both an activist movement and a body of ideas that outline the nedd for positive transformation of society such that their rights are protected. (Mekgwe, 2008)
Theories of gender difference; these explore how different men are from women in terms of how they think and relate looking ate themselves and their surroundings. They say that men have different values, interests, how they acquire knowledge. They also take in to account the physical differences
Theories of gender inequalities they focus on attributes that are common to every one instead of giving the difference between men and women. They argue that people need freedom in order to reveal their full potential. The differences here are tied to how the society is organized to aid in inequality or how society causes inequality. (Robbins SP, 2012) E.g. Women in some communities are not allowed to take on jobs that are meant for men. Men would get themselves jobs that will help them prosper while women have dead end jobs. This means that men would have more power in the society ad they would use that

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