Feminity In Shashi Deshpande's Come Up And Be Dead

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Come Up and Be Dead is a story of revenge. Miss Kshama Rao is the new head mistress of the high school. She has been appointed as a result of the good impression she made on the chairman of the body of Governors whom she encountered by chance in a train. The novel’s central theme is murder which probes the vengefulness in varma. Varma becomes a misogynist and treats the whole female sex as his enemy. Note Girish’s words to Devyani,
“Strange isn’t it that a man who has so much money should make himself vulnerable by going in for a thing like this? When I went to him I knew at once that he enjoyed this trade in girls.”(p.252, Come Up and Be Dead).
Roots and Shadows typifies the artistic vision of feminity as communicated by Shashi Deshpande. It investigates the mission for an authentic selfhood. Indu, the protagonist, symbolizes the new woman, and through her Deshpande portrays the inner struggle of an artist to express herself and to discover her real self through her potential for creative writing. Addressing the question of marginalization of women, among other things, the novel shows the emergence of a bold, challenging woman who defies male authority and expresses her vision of the struggle for harmony.
That Long Silencemanagesan emergency in a middle class family, which triggers off a procedure of retrospection and contemplation. Jaya, an urban, middle class woman presented to liberal western thoughtslooks to free herself from bullheaded thoughts for example the husband
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