Femur Spongy Bone Structure

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2. Femur is largest and longest bone in human body. Femur is strongest in compression when compared to the tension and shear. The structure of femur is anisotropy , but for analytical calculation purpose .It is considered as is tropic material. The properties of femur aften compared to the man-made materials. The femur mechanical properties are very potent strong, and impressive.
Biomechanics is the application of mechanical principles on living organisms. The study of bio mechanical based on the mechanical properties , mechanisms and simulation of structures also comes under bio mechanics category.
A complex hierarchical structure is a good example. This is the bone structure.
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This bone accounts 20% mass of the skeleton.
Cancellous bone aften reduces the trembling activity (or) we can say it tries to decrease the tremors in the human body. The youngs modulus of the spongy bone is less when compared to the compact bone.
The femoral head has smooth covering of cartilage because of the properties of compact bone . Matches the graded modulus of the spongy bones which forms the articulating surface. Actually bones are composite materials which are composed of matrix of collagen fibers, impregnated by in organic salts.
Finite element model is widely used method in biomechanics because the structure of biological tissues in biomechanics. Different type of loding situations applied on the bones are still difficult to model(or) design which are also not easy for perception of specific problem and indulge to get the unique solution.
To calculate the stresses and stress distributions in the femur bone some assumption are required to get joint reactions and also deformation values. The experimental methods gives only limited information when compared to the FE model in experimental studies some limitations are associated these boundaries overcome by finite element method, sometimes we cannot get required results by analytical method; For clinical applications some experimental methods are used to provide automation ,
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This is the concept from the mechanics of material so the bone is also composed with this structure only to get high strength and to resist bending stresses.
Remodeling and formation of the femur bone: Femur bone formation is a processes in the human body for the development of the critical structure. It is lifelong processes in this process we have two sub processes those are
Resorption is defined as the diminish of the previous bone (or) old bone. In the same order the ossification is defined as the formation of new structural femur bone. This process (formation) is important at the time of fractured bones because if this process is not enable then it leads to discontinues growth of the bone.
Cells present in bone are
Osteoblasts, osteocytes .
.Generally these terms are related to the bio-mechanics which are responsible for the resoption of the femur bone.
Osteocytes are accountable for the maintenance of the oxygen levels in the bone as well as the mineral levels

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