John Bono's Fences

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Melva Morales 1. On page 61 Bono says a statement that explains the significance of the play’s title, Fences. Bono says “some people build fences to keep people out…” Bono is trying to warn Troy about Alberta and the consequences it would bring if Rose found out. A symbolic fence would be built between Troy and Rose that would make them distant, if she finds out about Troy’s infidelity. Bono also tries to tell Troy how “Other people build fences to keep people in” to show Troy the significant impact each family member has on each other. The family is stronger together rather than when they’re split up. The fence acts as a barrier to protect Troy and his family. The fence protects Troy and his family from social problems going on at that time…show more content…
The role of the American Dream played in the book was opportunity. The book was based on a time period where life for African Americans wasn't the greatest. Even though slavery was no longer legal African Americans were enslaved in a way where their rights were limited. This caused Troy’s education and reading ability to be limited. This made it harder to get a job and move up. ”Lyons: If you knew how to read you’d be alright. ….Bono: Mr. Rand know you ain't got no driver’s license? ... Troy: Driving ain’t nothing”. Without knowing how to read Troy’s effort for fighting to get an easier job of driving the truck would be deferred. Troy not having a driver's license would create an obstacle from getting the promotion he wanted. The limitation of opportunity was also in sports. “The an all-white team. Got that boy..that Puerto Rican boy.. Don't even get half play time.” Even though Troy sees that teams are recruiting colored people he still sees where the sports industry hasn't fully accepted colored people. He feels that he would be protecting Cory by not letting him play because he feels it would be wasting his time. Due to the circumstances Troy sees that Cory would be another colored person on the team but always on the bench. Troy has always tried to protect Cory and his family. That's why he took Gabe’s money to have “a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.” Troy submits to the idea that he needs to have a house and a white picket fence in order to be happy. Troy even uses his brother disability money to fulfill this idea. Troy believes that even if he has all of these obstacles and limited opportunities he could overcome them all because he has a home and family to come to every night. He comes to the idea that he needs a fence in order to protect his family. The American dream in the story opposes the limitation of opportunities and the idea of a home, family and white picket fence that comes with the American
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