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Fence Lizard The fence Lizard is a small reptile that’s native to northern colorado. The species can’t live up in the mountains because of the high altitude they won’t get enough oxygen in the lungs to allow breathing. Plus it’s quite cold up there mostly all year round which in turns makes them useless in the fact that they are cold blooded. But they stick to the lower plains of the state to thrive in the weather 's not usually to bad at all it’s sunny most of the time in spring, summer, and fall for them to breed and borrow a hole to go into dormant state. But they stick to the plains and desert parts of the united states for the huge amount of open space. They thrive in hot humid spaces with little vegetation. The reason they 're called fence lizards is because they blend it perfectly with a fence post which is where they go to get high up off the ground away from snakes and other predators on the ground to bask in the sun 's rays.…show more content…
With the next level being the snake birds of prey like falcons and eagles then the lizards on a smaller scale. But they prey on the lower scale when it comes to insects and rodents along with baby snakes and baby birds. It’s a carnivore at it’s finest which means it only eat meat. If challenged by a rattlesnake or even a badger it will defend itself. As a survival tactic it caught by the tail the first 3 inches of it will break off and continue to wiggle without its body to function to confuse predators. They can go without food in the wild for up to two weeks water for a whole month maybe shorter. On one occasion one even ate it’s way through the stomach of a falcon to escape these things are pretty

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