Fence Symbolism

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Fences Essay Troy & Cory are building a fence, you make think a fence is just protection that surrounds your house. But in this play it 's not just protection, it’s an object that pretty much sums up the whole story. Fences symbolizes a lot of main points in the story. To me, Fences symbolizes as Boundaries. Because, a Fence is what separates you from completing your tasks & Believing what you want to believe. A fence is something that gets in your way of something you want to achieve or get over. Fences represents boundaries, an example of this is when Troy and Cory get into a huge fight and Cory gives up and tells Troy “ Tell mama i 'll be back for my things.” Cory then says “ It’ll be over that fence”. The fence shows a dividing line between Troy and his son. The fence now marks the boundaries in favor of Troy, Troy thinks he 's the king now because He ran off cory. This quote is showing how Troy no longer wants cory around the house anymore. The fence is like a barrier, it places both of them in a situation they can no longer handle. Fences can also symbolize a relationship . "I don 't see why Mama want a fence around the yard noways." "Damn if I know either. What the hell she keeping out with it? She ain 't got nothing nobody want." "Some people build fences to keep…show more content…
As you can see Troy and Cory were not getting along most of the play. Troy was a really bad parent, an abusive parent and wasn’t really there for his kids. He cheated on rose with alberta and they are going to have a kid. Troy isn’t a really good father, but then again at the end of the story a big opportunity opens up for troy, where he can start new and fresh and try to make up for what he 's done. The biggest fence opens up for troy. when Gabriel dances a dance that opens the gates of heaven itself. Troy may just have found forgiveness and peace in himself and is ready to start
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