Fences By August Wilson Character Analysis Essay

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"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will" (Mahatma Gandhi). In the play Fences, written by August Wilson, the character Rose, had her fair share of hardships. Like the flower, Rose is soft, loving, and elegant. Through the story, Rose never lost her admirable characteristics that so many strive to have, even when she went through trials. Though it could not have been easy to go through the things she went through, Rose kept her head up, had strength, and was able to make it through hard times. Rose’s prominent character shows an immense amount of strength, by being mothering, devoted, and selfless, even in the midst of trials and tribulations.
Throughout Fences the audiences sees Rose’s sweet, gentle, mothering side. She is always willing to feed others, even when it would mean more work on her part. This is seen a number of times throughout the story. The first scene where Rose is introduced, she offers Brono to join them for dinner. In the next scene, upon Gabe’s arrival, she offers to make him biscuits, which he then leaves before they are finished being made. Even after Rose finds out that
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This is seen by her extreme willingness to take on Troy’s daughter Raynell. She did not take on Raynell for Troy, but for the child’s well-being. Indisputably, it must have been hard for her to take on a child whose arrival had anticipated much heartache, but she pushed her feeling of anguish, sorrow, and selfishness away and did what was best for a helpless human being. Rose was always putting her needs aside to make room for other people’s needs. She was always willing and ready to serve. Rose did not have to make a cake to for the bake sale, she was already busy enough with her family and the new baby, but she made time in her life to serve others and become more
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