Fences Character Analysis

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In the play “Fences”, the main character is a 53 year-old man by the name of Troy Maxson. He has been married to his wife, Rose, for eighteen years. Troy’s father mistreated him and his mother at a young age thus driving away his mother and ruining his family leaving him to run away from his father where he eventually settled in Pittsburgh, PA. He didn’t grow up with a loyal father and only had the examples and morals that his father had taught him. Troy was a thief in his younger years because he couldn’t get a job due to racial factors during the time. Troy ended up going to prison for killing a man in a fight and in prison he met Bono who is now his friend. So far, things have not been so good for Troy. At work he struggles with racial…show more content…
This play takes place in 1957 where the African American society was still facing discrimination from the white population. Troy has had to endure some pretty tough situations in life and all of these events have created the personality he has today. He is a man of great pride and this is evident when Bono confronts Troy about cheating on his wife. A characteristic he most likely learned from his father who had no respect for women. Troy doesn’t want to admit it to Bono that he is cheating because in the beginning he is denying it. He says he is just being friendly with the other woman, Alberta, and that he is like that with all the women. Eventually he gives in and admits that what he is doing is wrong and he wants to fix it but doesn’t know how. This shows that even though he has been through so much in life, he is morally aware of his doings and knows that he is in the wrong. This characteristic shows that he wants to be a better man than his father was. He wants to fix things and work things out. When he tells rose about the other woman he also mentions to her that he is fathering a child with her. She of course is shocked to hear that as any sane woman would be. It took a tremendous amount of courage for Troy to confess the mistake he made. This shows that even though he knows he messed up, he takes full responsibility for what he has done and that is a great example of what a true
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