Fences Cory Wilson Character Analysis

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August Wilson’s Fences is a play about the lives of an African-American family and the hardships that they face to keep a stable family. Many people in the short play such as Troy Maxson, and his wife are courageous people who play a big part in the story line. But one character who shows a great amount of courage is Cory Maxson, Troys son. Most of his courage is expressed because of the tension between his father and himself. They often disagree, argue, fight, and there are often punishments dealt to Cory that he has to deal with. Because of the unstable relationship, the courage in Cory is seen when he handles his punishments from his father. Cory is the most courageous character because of his wise actions. Throughout the play, Cory is…show more content…
And when he stands up by disobeying, he is faced with punishments. Another way Cory’s possession of courage is shown is when he is acceptant of punishments that are directed to him. Troy reached the peak when his son didn’t quit so he never signed the papers allowing Cory to scout out and he also spoke to the coach. This is sort of a form of punishment because he took away something Cory was looking forward to, something he really wanted to do and that thing was then stripped from him making him miserable. On the inside, Cory must have felt anger, and betrayal, but he also would have felt accepting of the decision his father made, because his father was looking after him. Troy said it himself, he had a responsibility to take care of his children, it was his job. Also, when Troy and Cory were fighting a physical and verbal fight with a baseball bat, a lot of things were said. At the conclusion of the “battle”, Troy commanded Cory to leave, the family and house. Troy said his items would be on the other side of the fence. The fence symbolized that love and family are kept inside and everything else, bad and hated outside. It takes guts and courage to accept being taken out of one’s family, especially by one’s father. Other teenage boys would have revolted and kept on fighting/arguing but Cory did not, instead, he accepted punishment which
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