Fences Literary Analysis

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Bernadin 1 Patricia Bernadin Mrs. Noel English II 4 April 2017 Literary Analysis: Fences A Fathers Sins The notion of loyalty is something that is valued in a family trying to survive a stressful life. Fences is a play written by August Wilson about an African American Family having a hard time with a man due to his refusal of acceptance and loyalty. With this play I believe that the author is trying to explain the importance of forgiveness and loyalty within a family living through struggles at a time of racism and poverty. Troy Maxson is a fifty-three year old man who works at a sanitation department. He refuses to show love and appreciation for others because he believes that his duties and responsibilities are what matters most. Troy’s…show more content…
She requested that Cory and Troy work on building a fence in the backyard. Rose hopes that the fence will keep the people she loves close to her and protected from the harshness of the world. Unlike Troy, Rose is a realist who has love and high hopes for Cory. When Rose evesdrop on Cory and Troy, she overheard their argument about football, and talks to Troy after Cory leaves. Troy explains to Rose why he will not allow Cory to play football and tells her that she’s been mothering Cory too much. She then tells Troy that Cory wants to make him proud, and all he wants to hear from his father is “Good job, son.” (19). To make matters worse, Troy has been having an affair with another women named Alberta. He later admits to his wife that he slept with someone else and got her pregnant (30). Troy argues with Rose about why he did it. He justified his actions by saying “She gives me a different idea, a different understanding about myself. I can step out of this house and get away from the pressures and problems, be a different man.” Meaning that Troy feels trapped and Alberta is his escape from his real problems (31). With Alberta, Troy can live an illusion with no time and no worries. Rose is deeply hurt by the news and communicated to…show more content…
Troy has always been tough with Cory which makes him think that he doesn’t like him. Troy had a dream of becoming a baseball player which he has never achieved so he is envious and keeps Cory from having the opportunity of being recruited for football. Cory comes home one night to Troy sitting down on the steps drinking and singing in the backyard and tells him to get out of his way. Troy advises Cory that if he needs to go inside then he must say excuse me because it is his house that he bought and paid for. As he tries to walk past him, Troy shoves him back and Cory yells “I live here too.” As they continue to argue, Cory admits that he has been afraid of Troy. “I used to tremble every time you called my name. Every time I heard your footsteps in the house. Wondering all the time what’s Papa gonna say if I do this? What’s he gonna say if I do that? What’s Papa gonna say if I turn on the radio? And Mama, too. She tries but she’s scared of you.” Troy became angry, began fighting Cory then kicked him out of his house (38-40). Cory’s problems with his father hinders him as he lives the next few years of his life angry at Troy and his
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