Fences: Movie Analysis

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I defiantly enjoyed this class, it was a breath of fresh air from other classes and there were a lot of great movies shown. I really enjoyed the movies from this class; many of them were some that I have wanted to see but have never gotten the chance. Also, this class also gave me a lot of new movies that I now need to add to my long list of movies I would like to see. Some movies I especially liked were Fences, The Normal Heart, Singing in the Rain, and The 39 Steps. Out of those four I think that Fences is a movie that needs to be shown to future semesters. Everything felt on point and I really appreciated that they kept the “vibe” of a play throughout the movie. While I liked all of the movies, Au Revoir Les Enfants was my least favorite film. It was, at best, interesting. There are so many good foreign films that don’t have such a slow moving plot. Au Revoir Les Enfants as a whole isn’t a bad movie, but it quickly became way too predictable and I think to showcase a foreign film there are better options. In future semesters maybe show City of God or Ida. Other good films to show future semesters could be Trainspotting for the independent film since it’s a great movie that I don’t think a lot of…show more content…
The class also helped me to be able articulate why I think some actors are better than others to people by using solid examples. One thing that will affect how I will view film performances is now it is easier to notice if an actor started in film or on stage. This was something I never noticed or thought of until before this class and now I can’t stop noticing it some select actors. Another thing is, I always have had an appreciation for scripts and directors, but this class has helped me see that actors are just as important as a good script. This class was certainly a good choice to fulfil an elective, and it also helps that most of the time is spent watching a

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