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THE BACKGROUND Fences is a play by August Wilson that is made in 1957, part of the sixth in August Wilson's ten-part "Pittsburgh Cycle". Fences is an American play that divided of two acts. The first act consists of four scenes, while the second act consists of five scenes. Fences is included as one of the most important American plays. This classic tragedy drama was written in 1983 and earned Pulitzer Prize. Fences is written using African American Vernacular English (AAVE). Fences made in 1957, the era when there are many talented Black athletes emerged. However, in fences story, at that time, Negro leagues players do not get adequate salaries to support their family. They still face racism at that time. August Wilson wrote this play because he wanted to show his family racial as he experienced while he was a kid. This play is categorized…show more content…
He is the protagonist of Fences. He is a former baseball star in the Negro Leagues and a breadwinner in his family. He becomes the tragic hero of this play who experience good fortune to bad. In the middle of the play, he builds fence with Cory, his son. He wants his son Cory not to sacrifice his studies and his job only to become a football player. He doesn’t want his son live his life as a sports player just like him. However Cory still insists to become a football player, therefore he kicks his son out of the house. During his tension with Cory, Troy suffers difficulty at his work. Troy works for the sanitation department. His job is lifting garbage into trucks. However, there is a racial discrimination at his work. His boss will not allow Black people to drive the garbage trucks, but after Troy’s pleading, his boss allowed him to drive the truck and he becomes the first black man to drive a truck in the entire city of Pittsburgh. Troy has 3 children, which are Lyons, Cory and Raynell. He has affair with Alberta, but Alberta dies when she was giving birth to

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