Fences Short Story Analysis

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The significance of the story with the title Fences is that the main character in the story Troy was living his life fenced in. He felt limited in his life by people of higher authority, he allowed the white man to keep him fenced in. Troy had a harsh past dealing with rejection and racism and felt controlled by the white man. His life was redundant, he worked and came home to his family fed them paid the rent and that was it. He once bought furniture from a white man and ten years later was still paying for due to interest. “Aw hell, I done paid for it. I done paid for it ten times over! The fact is I’m scared to stop paying it”. Troy never traveled and did not believe in prospering he thought that’s what life was all about working and paying bills, therefore Troy was ignorant to life’s…show more content…
Just because Troy was once into sports and thought he would become a baseball player at 40 and it did not happen he thought the same would happen to his son at 17. Troy did grow up and was living in the times of racism where there was too much segregation and African American people did not have the same rights as whites. Those problems were out of his control. I sympathized with him for not getting out of the mind set he had, therefore it made him a sympathetic character. Troy felt like there was no hope in the world for him at 53 and as a man of color. He was a hero in a way because he wanted to work in order to provide for his family, he also did not want to send his brother Gabriel away to the hospital just because of his mental state. Troy wanted his brother to be free to do whatever it was that made him happy selling fruit or signing, his brother had already been through enough. Troy was just a man that was rough around the edges he had a rough life and only knew how to give tough love because that is what was ditched out to him. He did mean well and tried to save his children from having the same experiences he had, except he went about it the wrong way. Overall Troy
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