Fences Troy And Cory's Relationship

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“A lot of parents will do anything for their kids except let them be themselves" -Banksy. In the play “Fences” ,Troy, Cory’s father does exactly this. He doesn’t allow his son to achieve what make him happy, which is playing college football. He thinks by doing this, he's doing what’s best for him. Because of this, Cory begins to bear a grudge towards his father. Wanting to be able to move forward with his life and not be the same person as his father, he attends Troy’s funeral, as a way to make peace with their relationship. There’s this saying that goes something like, you become the same person as the people around you. This applies to Troy and Cory’s relationship. Troy used to fear his father but this changes once he looses respect …show more content…

The title of the play, “Fences" , symbolizes the function of a fence literally, which is to keep people in and out. Troy & Cory are in the same bubble, because they are father and son. This bubble is guarded by a fence. In that bubble, they experience things together, including the conflicts they have about Cory wanting to play football. Cory understands in order for him to be able to move on with his life, he needs to come at peace with the resentment and anger he has towards his father. The way he does this is by putting all those negative emotions aside and attending Troy’s funeral. Part of the anger Cory felt, is because he never felt loved; he questioned his fathers’ love for him: “ How come you ain’t never liked me?” (1.3.37). According to Troy, he doesn’t think he needs to like Cory in order for him to be a good father. Cory fails to see Troy’s point of view, because all he sees is a non-supportive father who will not let him follow his dreams. Once Cory attends Troy’s funeral, he takes a leap out of the fence they were in together & he leaves everything that has to with his father inside the fence. By doing this, he closes that chapter and he can move on with his life at

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