Feng Huang: A Short Story

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Feng Huang entered his loft in his courtyard, in the center of the room stood a small round tea table. Upon it a little yellow tea kettle decorated with red and green dragons winding around the body of the kettle, next to the kettle were dainty cups and saucers with pre-prepared hot tea inside.
Feng Huang sat at the table poured his tea taking a mouthful. The soothing sensation in his mouth gave away to a progressing burning sensation. It was a burning sensation that didn’t go away, but instead it grew steadily stronger and harder as the time went on.
Feng Huang senses began to blur as the heat traced itself to his groins. He stumbled his way to his bed lacking the coordination of a once slinked panther.
Feng Huang mouth felt dry and parched,
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He felt a weight on his chest. Seeing the chestnut hair across the person’s face he brushed it aside only to grew furious.
A person not yet as woman and still not a child. Red kisses and bite marks could be seen on her body.
Feng Huang was enraged, her grabbed her from the bed throwing her on the ground.
Suchin woke up with pain in her body confused about lying on the cold, hard floor, she looked up. Feng Huang stared at her silently.
Oblivious to his anger, she threw herself on him. “Husband?” She called out.
Feng Huang grabbed Suchin by the throat recognizing her as the maid that had burnt Da Fan on the foot.
“Speak,” Feng Huang’s deep, dark voice reverberated through Suchin’s bones. “What are you doing in my quarters?”
The pressure Feng Huang had on her throat didn’t prevent her from speaking.
“Husband, how can you treat Suchin this way.”
Feng Huang shook her like a ragged doll and flung her against the floor hearing her cry out. He looked at her akin to a deranged animal.
“Xin?” Feng Huang called out loudly, his voice thundered through his courtyard.
“Master?” Xin bowed at the knee frightened of his master’s menacing
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