Ferdinand And Isabella's Influence On Spain

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Thesis: Ferdinand and Isabella were known as the best rulers Spain had because they turned Spain into a very powerful and wealthy country. Isabella grew up in a family that is a lot like the families seen today.
-Isabella was born on April 22 1451 in Madrigal de las Altas Torres.
-Isabella had blue eyes, far or chestnut hair, lots of jewels, and magnificent dresses.
-Isabella had a mother named Isabella of Portugal and her father John (Juan) of Castile.
-She had a half- brother, Henry IV and a younger brother Alfonso.
Not a lot is known about Ferdinand’s childhood.
-Ferdinand was born March 10, 1542.
-His father was John II of Aragon and his mother was Juana Enriquez.
-After Ferdinand’s brother died and he became of age, Ferdinand
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160,000 leave Spain. This then happens to the Spanish Muslims and Spain goes from one of the most tollerant contries to one of the most intolerant.
With the expulsion of the Jews it completed Reconquista and has at last brought an end to Granada.
Ferdinand and Isabella were given the title “The Catholic Monarchs” by the Pope in recognition of their role in “purifying” the faith.
Ferdinand and Isabella ended the Spanish Civil War, Reconquista.
Ferdinand and Isabella both were aiming to end the long process of Reconquista by taking over the kingdom of Granada.
Isabella took a close intrest in the conduct of the war (ending Reconquista and taking over Granada) and seems to have been responsible for improving supply methods and for the establishment of a military hospital.
The first four years of Isabella’s regin were occupied by a civil war, which ended in defeat for her Castilian oppnets and for the Portugese king.
When Ferdinand and Isabella come to the throne, Spain was barley even a geographical expression and 1492 was the glorious year to change that, putting Spain firmly back on the map as a leading religious crusader and European

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