Ferguson Massacre Case Study

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The second incident started when the news about reggie ratner sitting on the top of Appleton water tower was shown on the tv. The townspeople claimed that Reggie wants to commit suicide because he can’t stand all the harassment that he has received anymore. All the people blamed him for knocking Chris out. Thus, lead for Chris being in coma. Newt was shocked when he saw the news because he knew that Reggie was innocent. Reggie was not the one who knocks out Chris. Darryl Peeps is the one who should be blamed. With his sidekicks help who are JJ and Cecil, they immediately sneaked out from the school and rushed to the Appleton water tower. The place was crowded with people and the police were busy guarded the water tank. JJ and Cecil attracted the police attention while Newt sneaked into the water tank.…show more content…
It should be his responsible to told Reggie that he was innocent. Newt was terrified at first to climb the rusting ladder but he encourages himself. Slowly he climbed the ladder and didn’t stop even his mask flew away. The urged to stand up for what is right has lead Newt to the top of the Appleton water tower. He manages to approach Reggie and told Reggie the truth. Reggie was so happy when he knew that someone finally realised and knew that he was innocent. This Appleton water tower incident has shown me that Newt once again are really confident and brave to stand up for what is truth. He overcomes all his fears to help other people. If he didn’t has the courage to climb the Appleton water tower, nobody will know the truth. Thus, Reggie will always been blamed for something that he didn’t do. I believe that this incident taught Newt to always be confident and shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for what is right. Thus, this will helps Newt to become a better person in the

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